GAB Awards 2018 With Sophy-Yah

The gospel artist Sophia (stage name Sophy-Yah) is a dynamic and anointed singer, who encourages and blesses the heart of people with her God given voice. The Nigerian-born artist now based in the United Kingdom (UK) was born-again at age 13 and immediately became passionate about the things of God. For eight years, she suffered a great deal of persecution but God delivered her from them all.

Sophy-Yah started using her talent 

at a very young age and featured at Christian concerts, Seminars, Award Ceremonies, and very high profile events both in Nigeria and UK. Most noticeably, in 2012, she was a member of the choir that recorded the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) theme song title “First Step” at the legendary Abbey Road Studios, UK for the 2012 Olympics.

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