Exclusive Spotlight on Sophy-Yah

I grew up surrounded by music, back in the day my father had a record store, so there was always music playing at home, this made me fall in love with music and singing. My music ministry started when I got born again at age 13, I knew I wanted to use my voice to praise and glorify my maker. I draw inspiration from a lot of things , ranging from events happening around me, to words I hear, inscriptions etc, but my greatest inspiration is the Holy Spirit.

The greatest challenge has been finance, I self finance my music ministry but by God’s grace and providence I am looking forward to a sponsorship offer or a record label that will deal with all that . Another challenge I have is when some people suggest that I will do better as a secular artist, and are willing to sponsor me only if I agree to divert to secular music. I find it very ridiculous as I am a gospel artist.

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